Be sure to read every word because the secret to having the freedom to live the lifestyle you desire, without having to work or rely on anyone else for money, is hidden in this article.

You are blessed with so much to celebrate in life. From birth to your child’s first words. Reunions with old familiar friends and new intriguing acquaintances. To first hellos, last goodbyes, and priceless moments spent with the people closest to your heart.

Kudos to life, love, and things in between.

There is so much to celebrate in life, but how much of it did you have the time to actually experience?

We live in a society that treats time as a commodity, as something to offer for money.

Do you know of parents who had to give up precious moments, missing part of their children’s lives in search for greener pastures overseas? Maybe you know of a classmate, who spent years on courses they were never passionate about, but because of the prospect for jobs that are on “demand”. Have you experienced being “Jet-lagged” in your own country, missing out on simple pleasures like sleeping at night and mingling with your “day-walker” friends just because you have to cater to thankless clients in different time zones?

This, my friend, is a life absent of choice.

This is a life of trading your time for money.

You may need to ask yourself: Is this trade off worth it?


But what if there’s an alternative? An idea that it is possible for you to have BOTH time AND money? As a result, you can live a life abundant of choice and spend time on a purpose rather than a job (Journey of the Broke). Do you want that life so badly that it drives you to take action?

But where do you start?

Look around you, there are people out there who are living your dreams. These are the people who refuse the status-quo and decided that they don’t want a life of cowardice to clients nor bosses. They want to live life with purpose rather than spending day to day in fear, struggling to survive the rat race. Motivated, they came up with a concept which provided them with an abundance of time AND money.

This life changing concept is simple:

“Stop working for money, and create business and investment systems that will have money working for you.”


This simple but brilliant idea has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Do the opposite, and you’ll be doomed to grow old, doing the same repetitive job (if you’re lucky) and wonder what could have happen “if only…”.

You may be thinking: “How can I work this system into my life? I’m too old/ young/ poor/ to take up an MBA! Learning to build big business systems is intimidating. What if I fail? What if it’s too complicated for me to understand?”.

There was a time when it would take years of practice and study just to get through the jargon and understand the building blocks of big businesses and investments.

But not anymore!

What if I told you that there is away to teach you this concept in a FUN and RISK FREE environment, using basic teaching methods as simple as you playing a board game? Would you take advantage of this opportunity to learn?


We at Create Abundance Business Community introduce you to: THE CASHFLOW BUSINESS SIMULATION BOARDGAME, by Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the best selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. This game was developed to answer the need of educating budding entrepreneurs with the basic concepts of business, which includes: cash-flow management, accounting, and investment acquisitions.

Often described as “Monopoly on steroids”, Cashflow has helped millions by instilling in YOU the skills and mindset of the rich by:

  • Defining what an ASSET and a LIABILITY is – That helps you take advantage of investments that puts money in your pocket, and manage what puts money out.
  • Learning to acquire PASSIVE INCOME generating vehicles – Passive income means money that you DO NOT WORK FOR, affording you the lifestyle you desire.
  • Developing that gut instinct of a power investor purchasing the right INVESTMENTS.
  • Learning basic ACCOUNTING – It’s really not as complicated as you think.
  • Dispelling the MYTH of being rich means having a BIG PAYCHECK.
  • Knowing what a DOODAD is and the right strategy to manage it.
  • Knowing what to do in case of DOWNSIZING, and why it shouldn’t really matter to you.
  • Knowing what the formula is to become FINANCIALY FREE!
  • And so much more.

The first step to Financial freedom shouldn’t be threatening. And CASHFLOW presents complex BUSINESS and ACCOUNTING ideas simply and enjoyable.

But don’t take our word for it, read what other people have to say after playing CASHFLOW:

“I have an MBA and I didn’t think I needed to be taught financial literacy. Through CASHFLOW, I was able to shift my paradigm from earning more to making my assets work harder for me. A huge difference from the normal thinking of “being rich equals a large income”! My wife, Bing and I constantly joke about ‘Doodads’ whenever we get the temptation to buy something that uses up our cash. Thank you for introducing us to this game.”

-Jefrrey Carmibao, Laspinas

“Dati ko nang naisip na ayaw ko nang magtrabaho. Ang Paglalaro ng CASHFLOW ay nagturo saakin kung paano paganahin ang pera ko, para mainvest ko ang aking naimpok. Ngayon, unti unting gumagana ang investments ko salamat sa CASHFLOW.”

-James Quillilan, QC

With all these benefits of learning concepts that will SURELY give you TIME and MONEY freedom, it’s reasonable to think that all this value must come with a steep price. IT SURE DOES! The Cashflow board-game costs  Php 14k in retail (When I say Monopoly on steroids, I wasn’t kidding). That’s why we’ve made Cashflow more accessible by organizing group games at less than 3% the cost of the actual board game itself!

Because we, at Create Abundance Business Community, believe in democratizing financial education, giving everyone an edge to shape their financial future and live in abundance!

That’s right! You can get these benefits and education for less than an IMAX movie and popcorn (and not even the good ones)!

A regular seat for the game would cost you 400 pesos. This includes your lunch and game materials. But we’re not stopping there. Bring a couple of friends and you are all entitled to a 50% discount. Now where can you get a business education for ONLY 200 pesos!?

Please note that due to the DEMAND, our seats are very limited to those who truly wish to change their financial lives for the better.

This Cashflow event will be held this SATURDAY.



Book your seats NOW by simply texting your:

name / age / occupation / email / I want to join the cashflow game

and send to:

(smart) 0928.555.08.12

(globe) 0906.490.60.09


juan delacruz / 27 / student / / I want to join the cashflow game.

Please expect an sms message from the reservation team confirming you attendance at our Cashflow Game at (Greenbelt 2, AYALA) afterwards.

Have you already thought of what you would do with all that free time and money?


Thank you for participating at the event, we look forward to meet you there.


Coach Amiel “RICH DUDE” Lapuebla

Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Financial Literacy Advocate.


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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

– Jim Rohn